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Elopements have become more popular these days in our challenging economy. For those looking for an intimate ceremony with family and/or friends, an elopement may be the alternative that helps you meet your budget and still create a lovely memory.

Several free or low cost locations are available on the Oregon Coast. Please visit the “Yachats Wedding Locations” page for ideas, or check out locations along the coast at “Beautiful Oregon Coast Wedding Locations.” Feel free to contact me about questions or arranging your special ceremony.


1) “Custom Elopement”

2) “Elopement Special”

Custom Elopement is a small, intimate ceremony that you design with my help. It has all the unique details of a full wedding, but you choose the size and location of your event to fit your budget. I send you a questionnaire to help describe your vision for your special event. Personal vows, rings exchanges, poems, and other details may be added to this ceremony. Bring as many witness as you like (limited to 10 at Cape Perpetua). If you need witness, I can provide them. The same sliding scale applies: $150-$300 in the Yachats area.

Ceremony inside the Cape Perpetua shelter

Elopement Special is a very basic ceremony for those on a tight budget, or who prefer a beautiful location over a customized service. It is only $75 for this service! Please read the limitations for this basic service.

  • You choose a free Yachats (within city limits) location. This does not include the Little Log Church, but does cover Cape Perpetua, the 804 trail, the beach, or your motel room. I meet you there and lead you through basic vows and a ring exchange.
  • This is not a personalized ceremony, just your names. If you would like to add personal vows, please switch to the Custom Elopement #1.
  • You bring two to four witnesses. If you have more than four guests or need me to provide witnesses, you qualify for the Custom Elopement #1.
  • If you can afford a professional photographer, please select the “Custom Ceremony” choice.
  • All I need from you are the legal names of the couple and two witnesses. It would be nice to know how you would like to be introduced after the ceremony (Mr., Mrs., or just your first names).

When scheduling your ceremony, please state in your first contact which elopement arrangement you are making.

It is my pleasure to help your special day come together beautifully!

© Katrina Wynne 2007-2016, all rights reserved. Nothing herein may be copied, reprinted, reproduced, or retransmitted in any media format without express written permission of the author.

8 thoughts on “ELOPEMENTS

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  2. Justin Holloway

    Hello! I was delighted to find you on the Internet while searching for a simple but meaningful way to have my wife and I’s vows renewed this summer. It would just be the 2 of us. Our True anniversary is July 24th. We were thinking Saturday July 20th this summer. Is that day available? At Cape Perpetua? I assume such a small union would only be the $75?

    Thank you!
    Justin D Holloway

  3. Denise Andreu

    I didn’t mean to send my last comment without the rest of my info. We are planning a very small wedding on July 9th in Seaside. Do you perform weddings in that area?

    1. Transformative Tarot Counseling™ Post author

      Greetings Denise,

      Yes, I travel all over Oregon for performing ceremonies. My home base is in Yachats on the Central Oregon Coast. For traveling beyond a 20 minute distance, I request additional funds to cover fuel and time. There is more information on my website.

      Best wishes,

  4. Christina

    By any chance can you marry us this weekend, we just want the basics, on the beach in my beautiful wedding dress??? We have a wedding date set and it’s pretty close, but the stress of family friends and arrangements is making us both crazy!! Haha so we are traveling to the coast this weekend and have been talking about Just eloping!!!


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